Tanah Merah District Council located 3 KM from north from Sungai Kelantan's bank, with area which covered about 2, 993.10 hectare.Pentadbiran MDTM's office located in :

Majlis Daerah Tanah Merah,

17500 Tanah Merah,


Tel : 09-9556026 / 9556023

Faks : 09-9556826

Short History

Tanah Merah District Council was established in 1 January 1979 under Tempatan Government's Act (Act 171) with those areas gazetted broadly 136.60 kms. square.

This establishment is made with restructuring several areas to be put under one administration namely a combination of three present Local Superintendent and a few other economic growth centre in this country.

Is based on Council's size of area gazette on 1 September 2005, it its make Council administration's area to 867.67 kms square with total people as many as 103,487 people. Ceremony population are made up major namely Malay composition 95%, Chinese community 3% and Indian 1%